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Be it known to all LAMECO members and its subsidiaries that effective August 28, 2005, an interim president will preside over this organization. It's been over eight years since the passing of my beloved husband Edgar G. Sulite Sr., the founder and president of this organization, which he named LAMECO ESKRIMA System, a form of stick fighting martial art. Since my husband's passing there has been no visible leader holding its reins to guide this entity to reach its goals and objectives. Notwithstanding, this organization has been able to navigate the many seemingly insurmountable challenges for the past eight years. However, with the success we have achieved this organization need a leader in order to compete in the 21st century.

It is, therefore, my duty, as the wife of the late founder Punong Guro Edgar G. Sulite, Sr. to appoint an interim president and vice president, namely :


President : Guru Leonard Trigg
Vice President : Guru Dan Inosanto

Without a doubt, these two trusted appointee has the necessary maturity, skill, and knowledge to carry this whole interprise to new heights acknowledged by all martial art enthusiast. Until such time that my son, Edgar M. Sulite Jr., received the necessary training to take over as president of the LAMECO Organization. Until then, the word "interim" will always be attached to the title of the new president.


Maraming Salamat po, 
Felisa Sulite

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